Media Design

Visual communication is at the heart of media design.

Designing content for screen and the web requires an understanding of visual communication and how to apply it to digital media. It’s the art of styling content that informs, instructs, entertains or explains, complemented by promotional messages that encourage action and support brand loyalty.

Whether content is interactive, moving or still – through use of colour, graphics, fonts, images, video and sound choices – all digital media communicates a message.

Video slideshows

The composition of an image shapes the communication. Motion, narration and sound enhance the experience.

Simple animations


Adding motion to your logo or image can be annoying or it can create another level of communication.


Bespoke tutorials/ Adobe Creative Suite and WordPress.



Image editing and promo design.

Working with Wendy to develop media for the University of Worcester’s sustainability bespoke website over the last few years has been incredibly rewarding and informative. I’ve learnt to appreciate the art of styling editorial content and images. I have learnt so much from our collaboration.

Katy Boom, Director of Sustainability, University of Worcester, 2020

Learning together

Working with Maros Holmes Creative

Maros Holmes Creative is a full service creative agency providing graphics, photography, web, print and video services.

Tutor at The University of Worcester

Wendy Corbett, Associate Lecturer and Industry Practitioner tutoring degree students in Digital Media Design at The University of Worcester.

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