Quick Guide to Planning any WordPress Website

A website has more than one function. It’s there to inform, encourage enquiries, sales and support customer satisfaction.

Most website templates or themes are fairly standard. The key is to individually style with logo’s, colour, media and content to give it an identity that fits your business. We work with WordPress themes which are free when you host your site with WordPress (recommended). Costs to create a successful website vary so I’ve put together 4 steps to help the planning process.

Step 1

What do your customers value?  

This means – 

Why are your visitors online, what are they searching for?

What search terms do your visitors use?

Do other organisations offer the same services as you?

Step 2

Once you have this information you can start to make a plan of what you need to include on your site.

Here’s a list of the most popular:

Stories to share

Products to display

Services to promote

Information to explain

A reputation to build

Promotional messages

Step 3

Most businesses need a promotional plan to get people to view the website.

Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising through:

Directory listings

Social media/blogs posts

Word of mouth

Email promotions

Printed materials

Events and news stories

External websites (Links to and from)

Step 4

Finally, the content gets packaged into a website to include:

Search words that match communication objectives

Accessible content that meets customer expectations

Data privacy policies

Search engine optimised (SEO)

Captures visitor data

The cost of the site will depend on the amount of content needed to create the site so if you need to keep the costs down start with ‘must have’ vs ‘nice to have’.

You can always build on your site as your business grows.


Image [Top], A selection of WordPress Themes

Published by Wendy Corbett Digital

Wendy Corbett, BA (Hons), MA, Dip. Content Designer

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