Wendy Corbett

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Sustainable Communities

I (Heart) Design

Most of the digital projects that I design and implement are designed to meet both client goals (strategic) and audience goals (user). Digital content is designed to work across web, screen, print and social channels using a combination of informational, educational, behaviour change and promotional strategies. I specialise in digital, and in understanding how client goals, user goals (UX), design and visual communication strategies can impact an outcome.

Images (above): A selection of digital assets designed as strategic and student-centred projects for The University of Worcester, from concept to delivery.

The following websites use the WordPress CMS and are designed to support co-creation amongst communities and to support learning. Students learn to create digital content across web, display screens and social channels:

creativecrunchworcester.co.uk | susthingsout.com | energize-worcester.co.uk

Image (above): Concept for The South Worcestershire Joint Core Strategy (SWJCS) website.

Part of a project team of planners, I was the Senior Multimedia Designer on the project (2010-2014). Responsible for print and digital brand communications which included public consultation campaigns, publications and learning/education resources.

For more information about any of the projects above, or to commission work, please contact:

Wendy Corbett, BA (Hons), MA, Dip.

Email wendycorbett@me.com

Tel 0784113092