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The anatomy of a visual message with a focus on representation, abstraction and symbolism

‘We express and receive visual messages on three levels: representationally, abstractly, symbolically'. (Dondis)  Let's look at each one in turn: Representation - A direct reporting of visual details of the environment, both natural and made. The visual communicator can control the result through style and technique. For example, through the use of photographic techniques. Image Credit:…

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Choosing fonts for the digital environment

Most fonts are designed for a purpose, for example – to be easy to read in print and/or digital, to attract attention in advertising or to work as road signs and way finding systems. Different fonts have different design details which make up their own visual language. This article attempts to take you through all…

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Colour harmony and composition

My visual research builds on the work of Faber Birren, noted author, professional colourist and researcher. Birren documented the psychological and physiological affects of colour on humans. Can colour increase the productivity of staff, or lower blood pressure or have beneficial and non-beneficial affects on humans? The answer, according to Birren, is yes. WATCH THE…