WordPress Tutorial, Structuring Content for SEO

Quick guide poster The quick guide poster shows you how to use the WordPress block editor to style and structure content for search engines (SEO). Images, videos, sound files + SEO: Make sure all your images and videos and sound files have a Title and Alt-text that matches a planned keyword phrase or search termContinue reading “WordPress Tutorial, Structuring Content for SEO”

Digital Magazine Design Basics

Make a plan. Six steps to planning a successful digital magazine or website. Slide 1 (above) shows the six steps involved to deliver a successful digital magazine or website. Follow each step for each page or post created. Slide 2 (above) shows examples of content styles. The message for this slide is ‘make a pageContinue reading “Digital Magazine Design Basics”

How to Edit CSS in WordPress

Custom design in four slides. Follow the instructions below. Note: It is advisable that you understand basic CSS skills before attempting to edit CSS in WordPress. If in doubt contact a developer or a tutor. Don’t risk breaking your site. Always keep a copy of the original CSS code in a plain text file likeContinue reading “How to Edit CSS in WordPress”

Colour Interaction and Why Colour Matters

Transcript We use colour in everything, from art, design, photography and film, to the clothes we wear and the interiors we inhabit. In colour and human interaction we look at how colour light is made up of colourless energy waves that enter through the eye where the brain then translates it into a colour. ThroughContinue reading “Colour Interaction and Why Colour Matters”