Learning and support

Curated learning assets designed for clients and creative students

Overview – video presentations, PDF downloads, images, graphics, text and slides to explain creative strategies, content planning and content design for digital projects such as magazines, websites, blogs and learning journals.

Working with WordPress, Photoshop and Illustrator

>Video presentation to explain how humans interact with colour

Digital publishing

>WordPress digital magazine design basics – New

Creative assets

>Step by step tutorial explains how to export vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator and import to Photoshop to create an animated GIF

Custom WordPress Design

>Custom design; How to edit CSS in WordPress

>Tailor-made learning and custom projects

Video presentation

Colour interaction

Through understanding how colour works we can begin to make more informed colour choices.

Creative assets

Create an animated Gif

Export vector graphics from Adobe Illustrator and import to Photoshop to create an animated Gif.

Custom design


Edit CSS in WordPress

Note: It is advisable that you understand basic CSS skills before attempting to edit CSS in WordPress. If in doubt contact a developer or a tutor. Don’t risk breaking your site.

Digital publishing

Digital magazine design basics

Tailor-made tutorials and projects

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